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Specializing in all types of painting, including commercial, residential, and custom. Using all types of paint and paint equipment.  Including but not limited to interior, exterior, new builds, custom homes, remodels, touch ups.  Design and build custom homes, outbuildings, rentals, garages, commercial structures. Demo and complete cleanup of previous building materials to prepare for a rebuild. Remodel your damaged structure to the studs including removal of interior walls, old insulation, mold treatment (if needed) and install all new. Including drywall work and paint. Amazing results! 
Quality Workmanship at affordable prices!
Locally Owned with home town values, helping our neighbors achieve all there construction goals with an outcome to be PROUD of...

Proud Painting & Construction
Roofing. . . Lay over, or tear off, new tar paper, drip edge, and 30 year shingles with any home restoration project you've got to be free of leaks. Start at the top and restore your home, rental, office, garage, etc. to better than new! Installing ceramic tile can be an excellent choice when remodeling your kitchen,  bathroom, or dining room with beautiful results that last a lifetime. Always wanted a bay window to sit at over your morning coffee? Back door still need sealed up and trimmed out? We can do it and the end results are amazing!
Southwest Auto Repair 
Carl Junction, MO.

Power washing to make ready for minor repairs and commercial painting! 
Southwest Auto Repair
Carl Junction, MO.

Working on some minor repairs and beginning paint stage.
Southwest Auto Repair 
Carl Junction, MO.


Licensed, Insured, Bonded
Hiring a professional painter and licensed contractor for your project means that the job will be completed on time, within budget, and with a final result that were sure you'll be PROUD of. Our licensed, courteous, professional workers take great strides to ensure that the job gets done right the first time. Trust in Proud Painting and Construction, true professionals and receive guaranteed results. Contact us today for an estimate on your next interior, exterior, home or commercial painting or construction project.